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PLR Product content split

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    Umair Ansari@rankingpursuits
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    Hi everyone.

    I signed up with plrdatabase just few days ago. I found the products here to be quite good and relevant to my niche.

    I had a query about PLR products. I want to ask if one can split the content of PLR products.

    For example, if there is an ebook with PLR license, can i publish its content (chapters or sub-sections) as individual blog posts. Kind of drip feed content?



    Daniel Taylor@daniel-taylor
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    Hello Umair,

    Great question. To answer this question, yes, you can. This is what makes PLR products ideal. You can not only sell the existing ebook, but you can also split it up and use it for whatever proposes you’re wanting it for, such as, creating blog content or articles.

    "The path to success is to take massive, determined action".

    Umair Ansari@rankingpursuits
    Post count: 23

    Hi Daniel.

    Thank you, that was helpful. It really helps to have clarity with regards to product rights to avoid issues down the line when such products are sold.


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