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    Lidka Middleton
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    If an Ebook doe have Master Resell Rights (MRR), does this give me the rights to alter and change content and cover?

    Joey Jay
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    No, you are usually not allowed to edit RR or MRR products in any way.

    Simply put, MRR (or master resale rights) usually enables you to not just resell the product, but sell resale rights as well. Anyone who purchases the product FROM YOU can also sell it to their own customers. A lot of times, MRR is passed along as well, so that the customers of your customer can also resell the product.

    IMPORTANT: You have to read over the license terms carefully to see exactly what the MRR license entails.

    Also, what I would suggest doing is this…

    Sell the product with personal use rights, meaning that YOUR customer is simply purchasing the product for their own usage.

    Then, sell “resale” rights as an upsell.

    If you’re shopping cart system does not have upsell capabilities, such as if you’re using simple PayPal purchase buttons, you could then offer two different versions of the product…

    1. Personal Usage Rights for say $7.00 and
    2. Master Resale Rights (or MRR) for $17.00

    Give the customer the option to purchase either license, depending on what they’d like to do with the product once they purchase it from you.

    Another way would be to offer 3 different versions (with each selling at a higher price point of course)…

    1. Personal Usage Rights (your customers can USE the product for themselves)
    2. Resale Rights (your customers can sell Personal Usage Rights to their customers)
    3. Master Resale Rights (your customers can sell Resale Rights to their customers)

    Does this all make sense?

    If I have confused you, or you need/want anything explained better, or in more detail, just let me know and I’d be happy to do so.

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