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Now You Can Add Personalized Signatures To Your Forum Posts

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    We are happy to announce the newest feature for the forum. You asked, we supplied.

    You can now add signatures to your forum posts. You might be asking why would you want to do this?

    Here is some top reason why you would want to add a personalized signature which will show underneath all your forum posts:

    – Describe yourself in a short sentence.
    – Let people get to know you in a more personal sense.
    – Add a link back to your social media profile, such as Facebook.
    – Add a link back to your website. Great for SEO and free traffic.

    The above are just some more common reason why people add signatures to their posts, but keep in mind, you don’t have too.

    So… now you might be wondering how this is done. Well, that’s easy. Simply head on over to your “Edit Profile” page which can be located from the drop-down menu located at the top right-hand side of this page (hint: from your avatar).

    Once you’re on your “Edit Profile” page scroll down to the bottom. There you will find the section subjected “Signature.”

    From there, simply enter your signature you desire and press “Update Profile.” After you have successfully updated your signature, you’re all set to go. This means all your existing posts and all future posts, your new signature will be presented.

    I hope this has helped and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post a reply.

    We're here to help. You can also contact our support team here: https://www.plrdatabase.net/support

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