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No one is buying from me… why?

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    Roman Santiago
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    I run a fitness blog which is fairly new and I spend all day getting traffic to come to my site. I get about over 200+ people come to my site everyday, but no one is buying the PLR products I offer them. Why is that?

    Umair Ansari
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    Fitness niche is very competitive and is not easy to start making money from a fresh site.

    You need to focus on delivering quality content before you sell. Build trust with your audience, offer solutions to their problems.

    Instead of selling straight away, offer some free download to get those visitors on your email list.

    Before you start collecting emails, you will need to set-up a series of emails that will get sent to your email list subscribers. For that you will need an auto-responder like Mailchimp (which offers a free plan up to 2000 subscribers).

    You have to plan out what emails you will send to them.

    As a suggestion, you can start a 7 day email series that teaches something of value to your visitors who feel compelled to join your email list.

    There are lots of products here on plrdatabase.net which you can split into day-wise content.

    I hope this helps you to get a basic idea about how to go set-up your blog for making money.


    Daniel Taylor
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    Well stated, Umair. Some great advice you offered there.

    "The path to success is to take massive, determined action".

    Nick Cifonie
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    Give them a free trip with a minimum purchase maybe? WE use this and have had luck with it… advertisingboost.xyz

    felicia kaminski
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    Maybe it makes sense to raise visibility by using another social media. For example, Instagram that is now the biggest one. It has many tools that allow you to be on top of the trend of advertising, even such topics like or how to create engagement formula.

    Michelle Taylor
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    These days getting traffic and getting orders have become much difficult than ever, I have started a business, selling wireless headphones & Bluetooth devices online but the same was happening and I wasn’t getting enough orders. So, I decided to offer discounts up to 50% off on using the voucher code Avantree Coupons guess what? people are buying more than expected, profit is low but quantity is getting it covered for me.

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