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MRR or RR Product Variation

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    Umair Ansari
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    I have a query regarding MRR, RR products.

    Suppose there’s a product with MRR, RR rights then is it okay if I make a totally different format of the content and sell it as a separate product?

    Will the new product with different format (in which I created the content) will be a PLR product or will it still be a MRR, RR product?

    I feel this is a very crucial question since many PLR Database members might be thinking on similar line.


    Asher Evans
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    Yeah, I’ve thought about doing this. But I think when it is MRR or RR, you cannot change the product itself, not 100% sure. Would love to hear other peoples opinions too.

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    I am sure you have both found the answer by now, but no, you can not change, rewrite, or any of the things asked above if the product was sold or given to you as PLR, unless stated differently inside your license, you only get to use it as MMR etc. If it was an MMR etc product to begin with, then you definatly can not edit or change the main product.

    I always look for PLR when I can, but some MRR or resale products can be very valuable also. Use them as lead ins, mailing list subscribes, bonuses, or in a bundle.

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