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    As The name says, you pay once and use forever. I was happy with this service till 5-6 month ago, that the support and the quality of the service & support drastically dropped. they answer tickets days to a week after submission!! and I faced downtimes a lot lately. (made me move to a new place).

    So I’d recommend you to use it as a test/spare space if you need, not to put your important files (or your website) there.

    But the price worth it. no affiliate link: http://lifetime.hosting/

    Again, to me, the service was very good at first, and after a few months, it turned upside down! choose wisely.

    At the moment I’m using Namecheap’s (paying annually) but I’m happy.

    bob Zee
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    same issue, cust. service great to start then downhill…

    Daniel Taylor
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    You’re correct Mehdi. This seems to happen with any service that offers a lifetime product. This is because it’s impossible to have top customer support when the customer is never going to support the business on an ongoing basis.

    I’ve seen this online with many sites, products, and services that offer a lifetime plan because it’s not a business model that supports their customers.

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