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    I came across this checklist on Facebook and as I’m a vendor myself & a PLRDatabase member, I thought it would have use for many of you, so here is the product launch checklist:

    “A few of you have asked me about our launch checklist – so here it is again
    FYI… That’ s how we do stuff… you may do it differently or in different order or even with less steps – thats OK it’s whatever works best for you..
    It’s important to understand that launches can be unpredictable where many things that can & do go wrong – For a launch to go well, you need the following 5 things to go in your favour… Most of these you can control

    1. ً‌you should not compete with any other major launch that could potentially get traction & take affiliates away from your offer – easier said than done… If they have crap sales copy – you have the advantage so leverage it!
    2. ً‌ if your sales copy & VSL are weak you will lose affiliate & customer interest FAST – you should know your USP & marketing angles well before you build your product – for most people its an afterthought & they expect the copywriter to pull rabbits out of their ass after they built the product
    3. ً‌ of vendors massively underestimate how important these are as they have to engage Inbox & pre- sell- so do your homework & test stuff here – don’t do these last minute as your affiliates will use them – this will affect your numbers
    4. ً‌You need to have a tight & highly relevant & productive funnel with in demand offers that will raise your sales get repeat mailings. you should be aiming for 2-3 sales per customer – this keeps your affiliate interest up
    5. ً‌ you could have the best product in the world but if people cant buy your product – its all over so monitor other launches on that platform & check with other vendors for problems
    If you are unsure about those Five things then don’t launch or you will cost yourself 10’s or even 100’s of thousands of $
    Finally you have to consider teaming up with your opposite numbers for a good launch… If you are a product creator consider teaming up with a good sales person that’s well known & connected and maybe even someone that can write good copy for you
    OK..These are our Six Figure Launch Checklists yes there is more than one depending which stage we are at :

    If you skip & screw up here you will cost yourself a lot of money & waste a lot of time
    1. Strong Idea – if it doesn’t generate interest / curiosity – STOP
    2. What well KNOWN Problem Does it solve well if it doesnt STOP
    3. Create Feature list , USP & Potential Marketing Headline List
    4. Is The Demand Big Enough
    5. Can we beat the competitors
    6. What Partners & Skills Required
    7. What are the Money Time & Cost Estimates
    8. Discuss Potential Partner & Customer Objections
    9. Find/Create Relevant Back end Webby offer
    If you skip & screw up here you will cost yourself a lot of money & waste a lot of time

    ً‌—£ً‌—؟ً‌—¼ً‌—·ً‌—²ً‌—°ً‌کپ ً‌—£ً‌—؟ً‌—¼ً‌—´ً‌—؟ً‌—²ً‌ک€ً‌ک€ ً‌—–ً‌—µً‌—²ً‌—°ً‌—¸ً‌—¹ً‌—¶ً‌ک€ً‌کپ

    Putting the wheels in motion…
    1. JV Contracts & Agreements
    2. Start a Shared Funnel Document Google Docs/Trello Board
    3. Timescale & Who Does What & By When
    4. Product Wireframe Project Folders – Shared Dropbox.
    5. Devs Build Product & OTOs
    5. Sales People Write Copy (Sales material & VSLs)
    6. Graphics Artists Build Branding, GFX & Images
    6. HTML Sales Page Creation
    7. Record Training Videos
    8. Record & Edit VSLs
    9. Build & Secure Members Areas
    10. Generate Buy Buttons, Funnels
    11. Build JV Page
    12. Write Swipe Emails
    12. Record Product Demo / JV Overview
    13. Record Sales Teaser Videos
    14. Create Product Ads
    15. Create Retargeting Ads
    16. Install Google Analytics & FB Tracking Pixels

    ً‌—£ً‌—؟ً‌—² ً‌—ںً‌—®ً‌ک‚ً‌—»ً‌—°ً‌—µ ً‌—–ً‌—µً‌—²ً‌—°ً‌—¸ ً‌—ںً‌—¶ً‌ک€ً‌کپ

    Ideally 6 weeks before launch
    1. Test Funnel/no thanks links & Secure Member Access
    2. Test AR Integration
    3. Check Favicons & OG Social Sharing Images are correct
    4. Check Sales Page Titles & Descriptions are correct
    5. Create & Deploy Coming Soon Page
    6. Create Facebook Wall & JV Group Header Images
    7. Set Launch Date Upload To Muncheye
    8. Mail JV List & Make Public Announcements on Wall & JV Groups (4-6 weeks)
    9. Contact Key JVs with product brief & Date (4-6 weeks)
    10. 2-6 weeks Pre Launch Release Teasers & Retarget JVs
    11. Contact JVs Again 2-4 Weeks before Launch with product access
    12. Contact JVs again Checking they have what they need 1 week before launch
    13. Advise Merchant of Uplift in Sales
    14. Replicate Sales Material on Host 2/ Domain 2 (BIG LAUNCHES ONLY)
    15. Setup Domain Monitoring Service with Pingdom
    16. Fine Tune Checkout pages & Images & ensure you have a support contact details there
    17. 2 Days before Launch Contact JVs Again With final Launch Schedule/ Pricing Schedule.
    18. Set up Split Tests
    19. Set up Back End Members Area Offers
    20. Post on a few JV groups 3,2,1 days before launch
    21. Post on Own FB Wall 3,2,1 days before launch Announcing Launch
    22. Mail JV List 3,2,1 days before launch Announcing Launch
    23. Run Final Checks on Sales Material
    24. Prepare & Schedule own emails
    25. Check Merchant pre-dispute message

    ً‌—ںً‌—®ً‌ک‚ً‌—»ً‌—°ً‌—µ ً‌—–ً‌—µً‌—²ً‌—°ً‌—¸ً‌—¹ً‌—¶ً‌ک€ً‌کپ
    Tasks to do during launch

    1. Check sales are Running OK
    2. Run Split Test
    3. Boost Launch Announcement To Audience
    4. Check EPC’s & CR Rate if Good – Announce in Groups & Walls
    5. Run Retargeting Ads
    6. Make JV Progress Announcements
    7. Monitor Support & Dispute
    8. If sales
    8. Drink Loads of Alcohol & Caffeine :D
    Most people make their biggest/costliest mistakes in planning & pre-launch stages so pay attention

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    Well said with a lot of helpful information.

    We're here to help. You can also contact our support team here: https://www.plrdatabase.net/support

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    This is super informative and a great guide, Mehdi.


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