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Hello from Miami, Fl!

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    Miriam Gilmore
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    Very nice to be here, just learning about this site and I am eager to see how I can make it work for my business! I am a mortgage lender, any other mortgage people on here, please feel free to say Hi! Would love any suggestions for a newbie like myself. Best of luck to all here and look forward to learning from the forum!

    Daniel Taylor
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    Hello Miriam, it’s nice to have you on board.

    "The path to success is to take massive, determined action".

    Glen Wright
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    Hi Miriam, it’s nice to meet you. I also sent you a friends request. If you want to chat I am here to help (as much as possible).

    Freddy Heart
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    Hi Miriam, it is nice to meet you. That’s an interesting topic you are in. I’m trying to learn more about this topic for personal knowledge myself.

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