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Don't be shy – Say hello!

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    Daniel Taylor

    Hey guys, Daniel Taylor here. Some of you will know me and a lot of you might not. Well, having said that, I’m wanting to give you a warm welcome and just to say a simple hello!

    So, now, don’t be a bench warmer, join in and introduce yourself, don’t be scared. Being scared and having fears don’t get anyone too far in life. Keep that in mind!


    Dean Norman

    Hi Daniel, nice to meet you and thanks for the warm welcome. FYI, I’m LOVVVING this new forum. You’re sure will see me around.



    Hi everyone. It’s good to be here.


    Daniel Taylor

    It’s great to have you here jedimaster!


    Support Team

    It’s a pleasure to have you here jedimaster!



    Hi guys,

    PLRDatabase really needed a community.
    Thanks group especially Daniel Taylor for your effort, you are the captain of this ship!

    I think I can develop small, private, free and useful software once in a while just for PLRDatabase members if there’s enough number join the forum.


    Glen Wright

    Hi Dan, nice to meet you and everyone else here.


    Daniel Taylor

    Thanks, Mehdi. You’re a loyal member and it’s great to have you here.


    Daniel Taylor

    HI Glen, nice to meet you too :)


    Susan Hasis

    Hey Daniel, nice to be here.

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