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Do I need a Host?

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    Susan Hasis

    With a lot of products found here do I need a host to upload these products or sale pages? I currently use ClickFunnels and I was wondering if anyone else uses the sale pages from these PLR products in their CF account? Would love some insight.



    I don’t use any recurring service/product, I’m not a fan of. one-time-payments are better IMO. ClickFunnels is expensive.

    I tend to use these as bonuses in my future launches (the are many ways and ideas you can make money out of PLRs), but what I recommend you is, learn WordPress (so easy) then use a page builder (Elementor is my choice – made 20+ websites for my clients using it), and create sales pages very fast with it. or the page builder of your choice.

    The reason: you can create 10x better-looking sales pages of these products in no time (or at least create exactly a similar one), plus WordPress gives you much extra power, thanks to plugins, and you have everything under control.

    Hope that helps.


    Leon Van Vuuren

    How do you sell this products ? Do you download it on your computer and then if someone buy it you send the product ? or do you download on a cloud server and just send the link for download ?
    What cloud server is the best for PLR products ??

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