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Do I need a Host?

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    Susan Hasis
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    With a lot of products found here do I need a host to upload these products or sale pages? I currently use ClickFunnels and I was wondering if anyone else uses the sale pages from these PLR products in their CF account? Would love some insight.

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    I don’t use any recurring service/product, I’m not a fan of. one-time-payments are better IMO. ClickFunnels is expensive.

    I tend to use these as bonuses in my future launches (the are many ways and ideas you can make money out of PLRs), but what I recommend you is, learn WordPress (so easy) then use a page builder (Elementor is my choice – made 20+ websites for my clients using it), and create sales pages very fast with it. or the page builder of your choice.

    The reason: you can create 10x better-looking sales pages of these products in no time (or at least create exactly a similar one), plus WordPress gives you much extra power, thanks to plugins, and you have everything under control.

    Hope that helps.

    Leon Van Vuuren
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    How do you sell this products ? Do you download it on your computer and then if someone buy it you send the product ? or do you download on a cloud server and just send the link for download ?
    What cloud server is the best for PLR products ??

    Ken Davies
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    Download from a cloud server, just send customers the share link after payment received.
    Works for me.

    Freddy Heart
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    Use WordPress, this is what I use. Or if I get the HTML sales page or opt-in page, I upload to a server and send traffic to it. No need to spend tones of money on ClickFunnels, which they say it is easy to use, but in my experiences, it is not.

    CJ Wallace
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    What is the amount of money you have made from selling these products?

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