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    Angela Dawson
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    Hi All!

    I’m a newbie to the group, but an experienced writer. PLR is an interesting way to make money online, and I’m eager to learn from the leaders in the crew. My niche is health, women’s health, mother daughter bonding, healing practices, aromatherapy, juicing and smoothies, and agriculture. Set up a website over two years ago, and its been dormant, but I’m ready to make it move. http://www.spiritscripps.com
    Would love to partner.

    Maria Turnbull
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    Hi Angela, I’m also eager to learn more as well. I want to learn more about publishing on KDP and also sell on an e-commerce store. I need to learn more before getting ahead of myself.

    I like those niches are really good and has a lot of potentials. Health is my forte’.

    A want a be entrepreneur!!! Give me time and I will succeed.

    Freddy Heart
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    Hi Angela, it’s nice to meet you. My partner is into some of those niches.

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