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Copyright to edit books

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    Catherjne Muwanga
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    Hi, thanks for the great opportunities you provide. my great stumbling block has been lack of rights to edit books’ content. there are times where some links within the books are no longer functioning and one doesnt want to sell a book where the buyer comes back to complain that this and thast isnt working. can you please address this issue.
    kate muwanga

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    depending on the book license, (if it has editing rights such as plr) I take those files to my convert service, (you can find several online with free use) and convert the files to something I can use or edit. For instance, some of the books are old, and only come with a PDF file (I am assuming this is your issue) so I convert them to a PPTX, txt, or a doc file, and if for some reason that does not work, I convert to jpg, and white out or rearrange what I need in Photshop or another editor, then add those pages into a pptx and create a new product or pdf.

    I know this can be frustrating, but sometimes you have to take the long way round. :)

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