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Copyright issues

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    Mukesh Dubey
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    So my question is simple and probably know the answer but still need confirmation

    I read about all the license types and usage but nowhere I found information about the copyright related issues

    Because there can be hundreds of people publishing these articles as their own Content , how The license protects me from someone taking me to the court

    If I buy from this site do I have i Mention on my site that the articles are from you guys ?

    Who is legally responsible in case of any case of any issues ?


    Mukesh Dubey
    Post count: 2

    Found it !

    The Disclaimer

    says it all , the risk involved in it . Any opinions ?

    Support Team
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    Hi Mukesh, it’s a good question and I could imagine a lot of people would wonder this.

    With PLR, you have nothing to worry about. No one can claim copyrights to PLR content, as like you mentioned, there are many people using the same content.

    But what I recommend is to rewrite the content making it unique, this way it is your’s and your’s alone. Even though you can use PLR products ‘as is’ but it’s always best to not to do this.

    PLR products should always be used as a back bone, saving you the time and the hassles of knowing where to start and how to begin.

    I hope this helps.

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