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Can I Use a PU licensed video in my Free E-Learning site?

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    Vincent Dimaculangan
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    Can I use products with PU license on my free e-learning site. I’m not going to make money from it. I’m actually sharing it with others who will be interested.


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    PU means personal use, you can not actually share the video with others, it is for you to use. If you want to share a video, such as in a free course, you must at the very least have an MMR license, but you can not actually give away the video, only use it as course content. The only time you can share content that is not a resale product, is if you see the letter GAW on the rights, meaning Give Away.

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    Hi Vincent,

    It’s great to have you here. It seems Angela has answered this question for you, and I don’t think I could answer it any better, so thanks Angela, and I hope this has helped you understand your query in more detail, Vincent.

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