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hey there and welcome, sorry it took awhile to see this and respond.

Most of the items in these products require or can be opened and/or edited with
PowerPoint, MS word, or image or graphic software such as Photoshop Elements (also to open a PSD file), or your photo viewer on your pc. You will also find PDF’s (Adobe Reader) MP3 or MP4 files from time to time, as well as video in aan easy to open format.

For better description of the licenses used for reselling in your business, feel free to read this article about what PLR is supposed to be. https://www.greencontentplr.com/p/about.html
and another here: https://www.greencontentplr.com/2021/09/what-is-plr-really.html

When I say supposed to, that is because every new seller to this niche in the last 10 years, has done a dang good job of destroying the true meaning of the license terms, and confusing the heck out of everyone from newbies to older season vendors and marketers from 20 or more years ago. They have twisted, turned, and generally come up with entirely new, and in my opinion meaningless definitions for these terms, and have shown to be rather ill informed themselves.

With that said, the unfortunate reality is that regardlless of what the “license” might say on the outside in the description, be sure to read every TOU and License file in everything you buy, and in cases of rather expensive products, be sure to ask questions of the sellers before purchase.

In regard to what you will find here, it will be a wide variety of mixed content, but mostly PLR, MRR and Resellable content. If you find anything inside these products that is confusing, or have pre purchase questions about any product here on PLR Database, please feel free to ask!

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