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It’s not dying any kind of death lol.
It never will. I have been in the PLR game, and using it to help me create since 1995,
the only thing that changed, is NEWBIES in the niche, are basturdising, and misusing the terms, so
you are much better off staying away from many of the “new sellers” and sticking with places like this.

They mostly get the content they repurpose from here and like websites anyway, and they over price everything, add fluff etc. I personallly only add what is needed to my zipped products, and leave out the endless crap that is not needed, which only adds bulk to the weight of the zip file. I throw out 80% of everything else.

I learned the hard way, when this new niche of sellers came along a few years ago, and I spent hundreds of dollars if not a couple thousand, buying their version of PLR, only to find out it was only COMMERCIAL USE, no matter how much you change it. I no longer buy from sellers who sell “PLR” planners, journals, coloring pages, and web content, because it is all mistermed, and everyone is selling the same dang products, because they CAN NOT be resold as anything than a personal use product in PDF form to customers.

We all know that is NOT PLR, and it peeves me to no end. I now take the extra time to create my own products and templates, and use REAL PLR from this site for instance, to recreate what I don’t make from scratch!!!

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