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Daniel Taylor
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Hi @godlyaka

1: What product or when are you seeing this? Because if you’re a premium user, you will be able to download any product from our site, and all the licenses are listed below the download button before you download it.

There are some particular products that might mention that if you are wanting the original PLR license you will have to buy them directly from the product creator, as we are limited to some licenses we can give out on our site.

2: ll these products come in an archived file (ZIP) so you will need software to unzip them. I recommend using 7zip as this is what I personally use and I have never had any issues with it, however, there is another one called WinZip.

To extract the file, you will need to download either 7zip or WinZip (both free). You can download them free here:


Also, here’s a great video showing how this is done:

3: You will need either Microsoft Word or OpenOffice to open up and document files to edit. Note; there are also many other document software that you can also open them up, such as Google Docs, etc.

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