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Joey Jay
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I see that this has already been taken care of, but for those who are looking for HTML editors and don’t want to download anything to their PC, but need an easy to use HTML/WYSIWYG editor, htmeditor.com offers a FREE online editor.

Just go to https://www.htmeditor.com and click on the “Click Here to Start” button to be taken to the editor.

I am a web designer myself, so most of my stuff is done manually, using notepad and a few other programs that can be quite pricey but their locked to my PC, so, when I am away from my main PCs and need to do a quick edit or two on a clients site, I use htmeditor.com because it’s easy, free, very quick and does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Plus, for newbies and novices, if you’re not sure what a certain button/function is or does, the site has tons of information that outlines and explains what everything is and what all the functions/buttons do and what they can be used for. They have loads of tutorials on all the different aspects.

NOTE: I am NOT a sponsor, owner or affiliate of the htmeditor.com site. I have absolutely no stake in this site at all. In fact, I don’t even know who runs the site. I just know it’s the 1 online editor I always use and have never had any issues or problems.

It’s also a great “learn as you go” type of site. Use the WYSIWYG function to do what you need to do. Then, you can view the source code to see exactly what code was added and how it is implemented. Great for those who want to learn as they go…

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