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you can sell it for anything you believe your customers will pay, unless stated in the license file that you must sell for or above a certain price.

Also, it depends on the content…. for instance, spiritual content, is worth more or sells for more than your average
How-To content, gardening content sells for more than “make money” content, these 2 examples are worth more in todays market over the last 2 years due to Covid, as everyone is looking for spiritual advice (astrology, essential oils, Tarot etc…) and everyone wants to plan for the apocalypse they think is coming so they want to learn to grow their own food.

Sorry for the long answer, but bottom line, it is hard to simply say, sell this MRR, (or any content, licensed or not) for this price, because there are many things to consider, such as your content, it’s purpose, does it solve problems, how much people are searching for content like yours on the internet, whether it is a passing fad or an evergreen subject, kids and school (big thing now and always) etc…

Hope that made sense and did not confuse you further.

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