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Generally when they speak of CD’s in the digital world, they are referring to audio files such as MP4, or wav…. So far, every product I have gotten that talks about CD’s or has images of CD’s have been delivered digitally by audio file.

Of course, if you are downloading a product that does not allow the resale, or edit of these files (such as PU, or RR, or in most case MRR) you must use these files without modification.

However, if you are downloading a product that is PLR, or Unrestricted PLR, you are generally allowed to use these files to create your own CD’s to sell physically, as well as strip the voice from an audio (there is software for that) and add your own, but many of these types of products also include the script, which is the text that was recorded in the audio, making rerecording your own easy.

Hope that helps.

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