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I have tried Canva, but am not fond of it. I have not tried the others.
I almost bought Affinity Designer a couple years ago, when it was still only 30 bucks, but realised that it was not going to work in my older pc at the time.

I have a new Lenovo now (altho windows 10 was something I avoided for years, and now that the new pc unavoidably has it, go figure, they are trying to push 11 on us…. they haven’t even fixed the bugs in 7 thru 10 yet….)

Anyway, I had to buy the newer version of PhotoshopE, and ended up getting the subscription for the Powerpoint (I wish I had just bought the year old version outright in the aftermath) but MS has not changed it’s ways, and is extremely intrusive all the time. Yesterday was a new experience, as it changed my PDF files to Chrome html files suddenly, after I had uploaded one PDF to the convert site I linked above, the next file was a freakin html file as well as every entire pdf in my pc.

Hoped it would change today after it rebooted, but same. So internet search fixed it, and of course points the finger at the same dirty culprit that has been changing and locking our files randomly for years, and also changes your search default and browser when your are not looking LMAO!!!@

So what the hell does this have to do with your question….. absolutely nothing HAHA, except Powerpoint is still what I use, and I do like the ease of it (just not the intrusions, which I never had when I owned the disc) so therefore, next June I will hopefully be buying the full out software to load.

BTW, I have been thinking about Affinity again this last week, might still try it now that I have the right specs.

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