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Yes PowerPoint has built in 3D for covers etc. You can find it under one of the design tabs, I believe it is called “enhance images” or something like that (off to the right of the ribbon)

I have an account but don’t like Canva, but honestly, I am one of those folks, that simply does not like to trust things like my art, content etc, to places like that (including places like facebook) because you don’t ever know if they will be there tomorrow, or will be sold to the highest bidder….. Been on the net since 1994, and I have seen it, and been through it over and over.

So bottom line for me, I like to own the software I use for business and my art, and places like Canva are not guaranteed to always be there when you need them to be. If I store my files on my pc, or my pc’s exterior drives, I have them when I need them no matter what.

Of course I do use a lot of online apps etc, but the ones that really count are bought outright and stored in my work station.

Please let us know when you have made your cover, we would love to see what you came up with!

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