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Ngoc Nguyen
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Angela. So interesting that you mentioned Canva licenses are only for personal use! I used to think that Canva was mainly used for promotional purposes, like creating Pinterest pins for your etsy shop or blog. But then start to see people selling templates and then printables using Canva’s graphics. I’ve bought so many courses that involves only the use of Canva for commercial use printables (NOT PLR). And I’ve emailed Canva so many times and they say and everyone else say you can use their free elements (graphics ) to create commercial use products.

I’m always weary of Canva, but I keep coming back to it because I do like their ease of use, but I guess I should really go back to Affinity Designer or Adobe Illustrator for my printables.

Daniel’s licenses are definitely simple. I like that.

And you have lots of websites. Interesting that you say you can resell the PLR product with private label rights to the customers. So basically if I love your fairy coloring graphics, I can sell it as is as a coloring activity download for personal use (changing the covers, like you stated) or I can resell that fair coloring activity to my customer for PLR rights? (I’ve read to many licenses so my brain does not process these things well!). Kinda like what I want to do with my watercolor artist friend. Basically it’s mine to do as I see fit since I now own it.

That is interesting because most of the ones I see say you can only resell it for personal use to your customers.