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I feel about Freepik, the same way as Pixabay, but to be even clearer about Freepik, I do not buy or use anything (art, graphics, content) that I can not use at the very least as RR, but I go for the MRR and PLR, as well as the CU4CU (commercial use 4 commercial use in art world and scrapping speak) otherwise for me it is pointless.

The PLR world is very mixed up at this time. The last 10 years we’ve seen a lot of newbies coming into the content niche, claiming the printables niche as something new. The “printables and content niche” has been here since conception lol… This has included a lot of what you see on Etsy for instance, such as planners, journals, and even KDP content, which is VERY CLEARLY NOT PLR, even though these folks are tagging the term on everything in sight.

If you read their terms closely, you will see among their terms, you CAN NOT sell what you create, for anything other than personal use. This is NOT PLR! it is Commercial Use! They have claimed the term, and bastardized it to an unrecognizable melting pot.

This is a subject that irks the bleeding hell out of me.

If you would like to know what REAL PLR is, altho even the old seasoned players word things their own way sometimes,, it all boils down to one thing, if it is real “old school”, then the terms are easy to follow as Daniel has laid them out as simple as can be here,

Exact wording, my suggestion is to simply tell your designer that you want to be sure to retain rights to what you pay for, meaning 1, they can not resell the design to another, and 2, you have the right to use it freely forever. Those are the most important things.

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