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Ngoc Nguyen
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wow! Thanks Angela for taking the time to answer my questions in great details. And I love your sense of humor, especially when you told me my question is “full of wrongs”. I think that was meant to be funny?! LOL.

Even when I use commercial use images I email the website or seller to confirm and re-confirm. Canva I find to have the most confusing license on their commercial use elements. And they don’t answer in plan yes or no when you give them an example. They usually refer you to their license that is confusing as hell.

I have confirmed with my favorite illustrators that their commercial/extended commercial license do not include PLR product. And if these illustrators put their stuff onto a market place like Creative Market, then I would have to follow creative market’s license and not the artist. So it does get confusing because one artist can have it on Creative Market, Hungry Jpg, Freepik and their licenses can be different.
Speaking of which, how do you feel about Freepik? I don’t hear people recommend them a lot for commercial use (not PLR), but they have lots of great graphics and templates.

You are so right about Pixabay and OPen cliparts. I normally email the person that posted the images or graphics just to make sure. And just by looking through their gallery and their consistency use of media, I can tell they are the original artist.

I’ve seen so many people just use Pixabay images as is and make crazy amount of money on Etsy. It makes me boil and then I start to question if I can actually do that too. They didn’t do anything to make it their own, and I’m working hard to try and follow the rule. But I find it interesting that sites, such as Canva and Picmonkey uses Pixabay/Pexel for some of their mockups and graphics.

I must be honest here and say that most of the graphics I find people use in their PLR products are NOT SO PRETTY or really bad quality. This might be due to maybe them thinking that people will replace those with their own graphics anyway?

This makes me really want to create beautiful graphics to share with just the PLR world and eliminate all the crazy rules, except “You can use the graphics in PLR product, but not sell the original graphic file”.

I do have a friend who is a great watercolor artist, that I might hire her to create some graphics for me. Hopefully, she will agree. And maybe with my mommy doodles and her watercolor graphics we can make the PLR world a prettier place. LOL

Do you know of the exact wording of what I should include in a contract stating that I retain the rights to the designs, not her?

Do you have a personal page of your art? I would love to see them.

Thanks again for being so helpful!! I’m so glad I came to this forum and found you! :)