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Hi Nancy,
welcome to the fold lol….

If you are hiring, depending on your needs, I could be available :)

Your questions however, are completely up my alley. Let’s try to take this in steps.

I’m not sure if this has been answered, and I tried to comb through the forum before asking the question again, but didn’t see it.

First off, thanks for taking the time to look first.

I’m so at a lost when it comes to proper usage of commercial use graphics that I buy from Creative Markets and other graphics sellers. I currently use them in my products to sell in my etsy store for personal use.

What you have described above, is a fine line. You must be absolutely sure you have read and understand the terms of the license in each case, as “commercial use” graphics, generally come with many rules and restrictions. Selling them for personal use is usually the way you are allowed, unless terms are written with extended permissions, and each website and artist, should you be buying from them directly, each has their own.

Generally, if you buy and use something marked “commercial use” it means you can use it to make or create NEW ART OR GRAPHICS. This means your clip art, for instance, must be meshed, merged, with other elements, and your own artistic twist, to resell clip art or art, unless stated otherwise.
So be careful to read each artists terms, (or the websites) and be sure you understand them individually. If you don’t understand someone’s terms, Ask Them!

Am I correct in saying you can’t use any of these commercial use graphics from the market places like above in PLR products? You have to either create your own or use public domain cliparts, such as the ones from Pixabay or Open Clipart?

WOW! The above question is so full of wrongs lol. Let me clarify!

1: Yes you are correct in the fact that you can not use these products in a PLR, MRR, RR, or any other resale, including giving them away, except for personal use (again read each products terms)

2: True, you can use (I say can, and will explain further down) public domain, or create your own.

3: Pixabay and Open ClipArt ARE NOT Public Domain image sites. Do not trust that someone claims they are releasing “their” work to the public domain, unless you are actually on a verified public domain site, such at Gutenberg Project. The people sharing on the sites you mentioned, some are actually sharing their original work, and that’s great, they want or need exposure (read and ask questions), but the majority are not artists, nor even photographers, and in too many cases NOT the original owners etc., (third party sharing in some cases) or have reworked some art that was shared, and are now sharing it again (sometimes the original can get lost in transition, and was not meant to be PD at all) so no, even at the aforementioned, Pixabay and OCA, you must be extremely careful.

Can someone please clarify how to proper use clipart and where to purchase them.

I can give you a few only that I know are completely legit, Gutenberg Project, and Dover Books. There are plenty like them out there, those are 2 I use frequently. Anything your search results may yield, again, always read carefully and ask questions if things are not spelled out thoroughly.

I think I will just create or hire my own artist just so I don’t get into legal issues over the use of other people’s clipart.

If you have artistic abilities, yes, this is the way to be sure you are creating something totally original. If you hire someone, be sure you retain control of the design, and not them.

But honestly, finding art etc, you can use for PLR, it is definitely out there, you just have to search it up. There are some packs here as well, that you might find, some PU, but some also marked PLR or MRR…

Altho I am an artist myself, if you are doing an awful lot in your business by yourself, it honestly helps to save some time, so don’t despair, and don’t give up, just change the way and where you look for it or buy it from. In my business, I sometimes use shortcuts, but much is made by me, or so unrecognizable, that it is new art. I have also sold limited packages from time to time, of my own personal art, or my partners who is currently doing most of the photography, which is also sometimes packaged with extended privileges as well.

Anyhow, it is good you came here and asked these questions, and any way I can help answer your future questions, I am also here.

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