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Daniel Taylor
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Hi Pat,

Great question. Traffic is the lifeline for any online business, site, product, or whatnot. There is no one method that works when it comes to traffic. Regardless of what you’re doing online, selling a product on such a platform, or uploading videos to YouTube, you need to send traffic to those things.

Everything online these days are saturated, such as listing products on Amazon to adding videos on YouTube, you need to send traffic to those things, because, with all the sites listed within the PLR Newbie video training, these are all basically the same principle.

Having said that though, those sites do provide the traffic for you, the same as Amazon and YouTube, but if you want more sales (or views to say), then you need to think outside the box and send direct traffic to your products.

Though, sending traffic is another story and lesson altogether. I recommend learning how to get traffic, free or paid, and also learn SEO.

I hope this helps.

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