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Hi Ashley,
welcome to the site.

Honestly, if you are searching the free content, downloading and using it, you will notice everything from personal use to PLR available. That is great content value on it’s own.

But if you are like me, and serious about creating and making a business out of content, the paid membership is brilliant. I know it is cool when a site offers a trial, but in the case of this site, you are already getting a big view into what is available. Look at it this way, look at what is already available to you now as a free member, and multiply it by 100(s), plus most of the thousands and thousands more available is PLR and MRR, meaning it is ready made content, ready to sell, if you are in the reselling content market. There is tons of it, and I still find new stuff everything I search.

I am not sorry I went paid, and that says a lot coming from a money tight Capricorn!

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