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Hi Abdussalam,

These are some great questions you have presented. Let me try my best and answer them for you…

do i need to lower the license when i sell it. or the license remains same?. for example if i get an ebook with mrr , when i sell it, will i sell it same as i get, or i need to change its license from mrr to rr.

With the licenses, you don’t have to change them. It all depends on the angle you’re trying to sell them as. For example, if you’re wanting to sell them to your customers with a reselling license, then I would recommend keeping the license the same, therefore, your customers will be able to resell them.

Keep in mind, please read each license to see what you can do, for example, with some products, such as PLR, you might be the only one with that license, therefore, you can only sell the lower level license such as MRR and not the PLR license.

If you’re wanting to sell them with a personal use license, then it’s recommended to change the license to a personal use license. Having said that, by selling a product with a resellable license, this can give more value to your product, in some cases.

another question is, if there is no minimum price suggestion in license , can i sell in any price i want, i live in a part of world where people would like to buy products cheap.

Yes, if there is no price listed, then you can basically sell the product for any price you want. Having said that, sometimes it’s best not to undervalue a product, as people might think the product is not worthy and is of low content, etc.

if i make a membership site with a lot of products, what can be its minimum lifetime membership fee? $59, $70 or $100 ?

This pretty much the same as my last answer. You don’t want to devalue the product and also your time. It takes a lot to operate a membership site, and if a membership is a one-time fee, what will pay you for your time in the future?

This is where a lot of membership sites become unmanageable to produce exclusive content, site updates, and maintenance, support, etc. These are some things to consider when creating a membership site.

is it allowed to use some lines from the product, without rewriting in my own words, as intro of product in my membership site?

It’s always best to use your own content. Google and other search engines are getting smarter these days, and if they detect duplicate content, your pages, and even your site will be removed from search results, and over time, your site will be blacklisted to even showing in search results at all. So, it’s always recommended to use fresh content, the best you can.

can i edit this eBook. license is as follows.

Yes, as the license states the following:

[yes] Can be edited completely and your name put on it

I hope this helps answer your questions.

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