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Hi Erwan,

First, this thread is not related to your question, but is for the givaway I added for others to join as contributors. You are more than welcome to do that, if you like.

In answer to your other questions…..
1. How do I get free PLR products, download and resell them?
If this question refers to how to get them here from PLRDatabase, you can do a search for free PLR, or look in the free section, you will find many.

2. How do I join affiliates who only sell their products (PLR) and earn commissions?
Each seller is different, you need to read each product sold by any given seller. For instance, with my own products, I sell products with different licenses. I have standard commercial use products, as well as some PLR for my affiliates to sell, you just have to find which one of their products works best for you.

3. because I am a beginner, please explain in detail from the beginning until you can
I personally can not take on such a task lol, but there are countless books here (free and paid) that can give you all the details you need. Nothing comes as easy as someone telling you how, the only way to learn is to jump in there and start reading and doing the research.

You might be better also, re pasting this series of questions on it’s own thread relative to the answers you are seeking, a thread that you start, because this thread is not relative to your questions, therefore is getting lost.

I am sorry I can not be too much more help.
Daniel can help you further with this I think.

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