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Hi guys,

I came back today to honor my promise, but I see Daniel has beat me to it! YAY!
I could not have explained it better.

If you do have any further questions about apps, plugins for woocommerce etc…
then by all means speak up.

I run several different types of stores, all on WordPress and Woo, a retro/vintage collectibles shop, my Art On Fashion POD shop, a local directory/shop, but the most active stores are my 2 digital stores, one for my commercial use art and graphics, and one is my planner store, where I sell with commercial use licenses, as well as some with PLR. Generally anything PLR in the second store https://colormyagenda.com , is made by me, mostly if not all by scratch, as I generally don’t resell any PLR products I buy, as PLR also, only MRR or less permissions.

I have also been selling or publishing on the internet myself, since 1995, ranging in many different niches, including the music business where i first started my professional career, pivoting entirely away from the industry as a profession around 2005 to enter the internet highway completely. I have done everything from sell hosting, design websites, build sites and forums for others, sold PLR, gave up PLR for art for about 6 years, realised the “group” for psp and art circles on Facebook were absolutely NOT about art, but crying who did what, so I turned back to a bit of my roots a year ago, and decided it was time to find a way to mix my graphic art, with business (PLR) and here I am. The newest store I linked above, launched on Leap Day this year, and is doing pretty good, considering how new it is, and what this year brought everyone.

I also have spent a number of years testing, trying, using, buying, and dumping a plethora of plugins, and apps over time, as well as platforms, and websites, such as Selfy, and Payhip (I suggest Payhip first, as it is totally free except for fees if you sell, and I believe Luvly charges for more features or more spots, not sure I have not used them in several years. )

With Payhip, you do have to promote yourself, as they don’t really have a marketplace like Selfy, which can be good or bad, depending. A lot of marketplaces tend to rip off the sellers one way or another, and some that offer “free” storesfronts or standalone stores, are not really free, and you can never be sure how much of your traffic they are redirecting away from you or stealing (ahem etsy).

BUT, if you want the best standalone store front that is truly awesome, (does have a limit of 100 products or 1 gig, whichever comes first) but there are ways to work around that, and they do not limit you as to how many stores you can have. They are a GREAT place if you are just starting out, have a marketplace that does not rip your traffic, and only charges a peanut fee for handing a sale. I have sold plenty thru them.

Here is one of my examples https://meylah.com/digimania

and here is where to get a free store…

and even if you build on WordPress and Woo, I have dozens of “mirror” sites and stores displaying my products, it never hurts to mirror yourself around the net. The more doorways to your front door the better, if you understand what I mean!

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