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you guys should sign up!

I can not apparantly edit the opening post, so I hope everyone sees this.
if see see this, perhaps you can edit the OP for me.

I have added a more direct page for info and to sign up on the actual site.

First, you can go here to listen to my fun avatar tell you more about this event!


that page will feature news etc. and may change promos as needed, but as the page name states, it is where my avatars will talk and tell you about events, or give you other fun info

This page is the actual page that the code will be placed on, when any given event launches,
and is also the information page, and the permanent page for the events.


Hope you consider participating. I know it’s different from ones you have been used to, but should be just as effective, if not more, because it is not hidden behind a website wall, and the general public can find the gifts once they are launched as well as members of any mailing list being alerted by the people participating about the gift launch.

Hope to see you onboard.

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