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Daniel Taylor
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Hi Saloni,

It’s nice to meet you and have you a part of the community. I’ll be happy to try my best to answer your questions…

I have a question. How do you sell this products ? Do I download it on my computer and then edit it and save as a new PDF and then upload that PDF on my website.

You must first download any product found here onto your computer. You don’t necessarily have to edit any files, but if you want to, and I always recommend this, you’re free to do so with any PLR licensed product.

Once you have downloaded a PLR product, you can then edit the DOCX file to your needs and then convert it to a PDF file. You can learn more about how this can be done here:

How To Convert a PDF Into a DOC File and Edit It

have i have to share the license as i have edited and i dont want anyone selling, can i just upload the PDFs few for free to generate traffic and few can i sell( of course if that selling right is availabel on the product i took) Or do i have to put license or something on my edited PDF or any disclaimer.

When you sell a product and you don’t want your customers to have the same rights to resell it to, you can simply add no license in the product, or simply add it within the ebook itself right at the start, for example… “This product cannot be resold or distributed, it only comes with personal use.”

Because, when you purchase an ebook online in most cases, they don’t place a license with it and is normally noted within the book itself, or maybe somewhere it’s noted on the page where the customer has purchased the product from informing them further of such rights.

I hope this has answered your question.

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