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I have issues with Etsy personally, and my store there now is only months old, and not profitable so far, my own store ColorMyAgenda.com and my Creative Fabrica shop have been tho.

I know tons of folks are making good sales there, but I have never been one of them. I closed my first store ages ago due to this, and just recently decided to try again with a new product line in a different niche. Quite frankly I, and a good amount of others complain they spend far more in “fees” than they make in sales, and this certainly has been the case for me. So, I am not a very good advocate for Etsy, but usually the right person to approuch if you want direct and unabashed honesty ;)

As far as PLR goes there, not sure really. I see very little, so I suppose the possibilty is there, altho I do not see that being the reason people shop Etsy.
Back to the fees, I “grew up” in this internet world (and sometimes in the physical world in the music industry) learning how to manipulate “free”. Not being the most well off financially after leaving Los Angeles for this forsaken part of the East (my current location broke me), I could not afford to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars for all the modern equiptment, software, NOR hosting and the whole 9 yards. I started creating and making a living on the net, in 1995, and since then, altho I host several websites now, I learned to utilize every free resource available, including PLR.

Mind you, I do not condone trying to be professional by using only free resources (it is possible tho) but during the process of 25 years, of joining, testing, using, and dumping tons of free resources, I did come out with a couple of handfuls of super long lived websites and platforms that still offer good free services that anyone can use to start their online journey, no matter what niche they choose, or are involved in. This leads me once again to Etsy fees. Why???? Why do they need to charge 20 cents for every upload, plus renew the charge on the same product every 4 months. Do they not make enough money to support their capitalistic empire, no, that isn’t it. I’ll just leave that question afloat.

Point is, there are tons of good places to sell your digital goods better than Etsy, and they DON’T charge you anything until you make a sale, PayHip being one of them. If you need some suggestions, maybe I will start a thread here in the near future.
Granted you have to promote your own store in many cases, but you have to do that with Etsy too, because they don’t do it for you, unless you PAY them…. the end!

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