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Angela Halliday
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Yes, I was a bit disappointed too, but not ready to give up. The PLR product that I really wanted I wasn’t able to get the PLR here. I ended up going to the actual source that created it, once I discovered that I only had the:
Master Resell Rights (MRR)
Resell Rights (RR)
Give Away Rights (GAR)
Personal Use (PU)
Commercial Use (CU)
I ended up buying the PLR from them. I will say that this database is good and the prices are reasonable, because I did pay much more for the actual PLR that I wanted, but still what I got was worth it (I hope). I am new to PLR. I am a Health and Nutrition Coach, so there is allot of valuable resources here for me. I also do my own marketing, so this too will be beneficial and may give me a side gig to earning residual income. I just need to learn this whole PLR thing now, that is all.