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Joey Jay
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I posted this message a few hours ago, shortly after midnight and long before support posted, but for some reason, it did not take, so I am posting it now just the same…

I completely understand Marie, and I can certainly understand your frustration, 100%, but please do not “vote them off” just yet, lol.

Daniel, the “main man” around these parts, is really a super human being, who is ALWAYS willing to go above and beyond for anyone he can, as do the entire support team and all other PLR Database staff (and NO, I am NOT on any type of payroll, though I would never turn down an extra payday of course, lol).

I know, based on your experiences thus far, it seems like I am probably trying to blow smoke up your a*s, but I promise you, that is NOT the case at all…

I can not say anything about the 4 days of no contact as I do not know what happened on both ends, but even that doesn’t sound like the PLRDB guys I have come to know and love, BUT, I will also say that if I had experienced similar situations, I would be just as upset as you are, no questions about it.

Now, I’ve only been an actual paying member here for less than a month now, but everytime I have contacted either Daniel or the support staff, I can say that I’ve never had to wait more than 36 hours (max) for some sort of human response, but with that being said, I am NOT saying YOUR experiences and thoughts are unfounded or unwarranted, as I can only attest to what “I” have personally experienced of course, so, for what you have experienced, from one member to another, I apologize on their behalf. I KNOW it really is a great place to be a member, it really is.

I can also COMPLETELY understand your displeasure and uneasiness with the contradictions of subscribing to a site that calls itself the “PLR” only to find out that a large majority is NOT even actual PLR but MRR and much less, however, I can tell you that they do have one of the best collections of PLR products I have come across — notice I did not say the largest collection EVER, but one of the best — and I will always take quality over quantity any day of the week, but again, that is just me…

However, and please do not take this the wrong way, if memory serves me right, NOTHING was hidden from you as a non-paying member opposed to what’s available to you as a paying member, you just couldn’t download nearly as much stuff as a non-paying member.

Not to mention that based on the numbers provided, of the 25,251 products currently available (as of this message posting date), 10,212 of the 25,251 product DO include PLR, which is roughly 40%, and which is substantially higher than many of the other resale and PLR membership sites that (1) I am a member of and (2) have actually created and either manage or run myself (for myself and clients alike).

Now, I’m not saying any of that as a way of saying “It’s your own fault” because I am NOT saying that, but, I am being completely honest in a NEUTRAL capacity. As such, you did technically already know exactly what was available in the entire site prior to being asked to pay anything.

If that sounded harsh, I sincerely apologize, but the truth is the truth, you know.

And in any case, now that support has responded and explained how to contact them, if I may, please consider sticking around a bit longer. I am sure you will NOT be sorry.

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