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Marie Di
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You are very kind to have taken the time to answer so thoroughly Joey, however I was not “looking for” PLR, I was actually complaining about:
1. the limited number of PLR products in a membership site called PLRdatabase.net
2. the fact that links that are supposed to lead to PLR do not
3. the fact that their About page says:

All our digital products found within the marketplace have the following licenses:

Private Label Rights (PLR)
Master Resell Rights (MRR)
Resell Rights (RR)
Give Away Rights (GAR)
Personal Use (PU)
Commercial Use (CU)

when in fact most product do NOT have a PLR license and many don’t even have a RR (let alone MRR) license.

So my title question was really aimed at the owners/operators of the site, and the fact they haven’t answere after 4 days speaks volumes.

Thanks, though, for your brave effort!