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Joey Jay
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I know this post is now a few days old but I am not sure if you’ve heard back from anyone about this, and since there are no responses here, I figured I would post and see if I could help you out a little…

For starters, when using the links at the bottom of the site, STOP, LOL…

Those links are sort of misleading (tho I am certain that was not their intent, honestly).

The “New PLR” link leads to the main marketplace page, which is why you will see products with ALL SORTS of licenses.

The “Free PLR” link simply takes you to the “FREE PRODUCTS” page of the PLR database site, again, not very helpful and a little misleading, but yet again, I am certain this was not done to purposely mislead anyone.

The “Exclusive PLR” link is one which DOES lead you to a page on which 99.9% of the products listed are actually PLR. I would say 100% because I am sure that is more accurate, but because I didn’t check each and every link, I did not want to give you erroneous information either.

Now, the best way to find products with an actual PLR license is to click on the “Marketplace” button located on the top RIGHT side of every page of this site. Then, find and click on the “Product Licenses” button within the menu that appears. Scroll down on the new section which appears and you should see something like “Private Label Rights 10,212”. Click on the “Private Label Rights” button.

There you will find the majority, if not ALL, products which include actual PLR.

I hope this helps, but if you have any other question(s), feel free to post back.

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