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Joey Jay
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There really is no “one size fits all” answer to the initial question as it all depends on the route you wish to go with the PLR products you have and wish to use…

You obviously can rebrand it with all of YOUR details and then sell it without doing much else (NOT recommended)

You can take a PLR report or ebook and read it aloud using a basic recording software and sell it as an Audio version. (higher perceived value)

Likewise, you can also create a slideshow series out of the content and using a video editor you could turn it into a video product (much higher perceived value)

You can use the rebranded report as a give away, which you could use the landing page for and then sell the audio version and offer the video version as an upsell someone purchases the audio version.

What I LOVE to do, however, is to convert PLR reports or ebooks into video format and burn them to CDs and sell them as a physical product (with an optional add-on of instant download access). Many of the people who purchase the CD/DVD product, will also dish out anywhere from a few bucks to an additional $10 – $15 to get an instant download link as well…

I love this method because not only can I sell it at a much higher price, but I then have my customers email address AND physical/shipping address which I can then use to send out flyers or postcards, which for me, always yield a much higher result than I usually expect, it’s freaking awesome.

Another method I love is to entirely rework a series of articles or a single ebook and reword 90% of the content. Then, I design/create a “front” and “back” cover and upload it to Amazon and sell it via Amazon. I am not quite where I’d like to be, sales-wise, with Amazon, however, I currently have almost a dozen books created and uploaded to Amazon and every month I receive a check (well, direct deposit, lol) and I do NOT have to do ANYTHING…

It’s actually pretty cool, and exciting. Plus, it keeps me always wanting to find even more PLR to convert into a physical book and add it to my Amazon account which helps increase sales, again, without ever having to do any of my own marketing or promotion…

BUT, getting back to the point, again, the answer you’re looking for all depends on exactly what you’re looking to do with it and how you plan on selling it and who your target audience is and how you plan on promoting it…

I know it may seem overwhelming, but it really isn’t all that difficult, especially since you can easily get to “the end of the road” by taking baby-steps — learning things one step at a time before moving on to the next, all while making sales in the process, so you’re “out of pocket” expenses are as minimal as possible.

If you’d like to discuss this further, please feel free to message me using the “Private Message” function by clicking on my username and visiting my profile — there, you should see a “Private Message” button.

And of course, if you have any other questions, I’m always willing to lend a helping hand.

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