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Joey Jay
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Hello Jean, what exactly do you mean when you say “create a link for ease of sending”? There are several ways to allow others to access and/or download the files.

Here are just 2 of the ways:

(1) Embed the video file into an HTML page and upload all the corresponding files to your website. Send a link to the webpage to whoever you are giving access to and the recipient can then click on the link and be taken to the page to watch the video.

(2) Compress the files into a .zip file, upload the zip file to your website (or any of the many upload sites such as mediafire, zippyfiles, dropbox, etc) and then send the link to the file so that when clicked on, the recipient is taken to the download page where they can then download the zip file which contains your video.

Do either of those methods meet your needs?

If not, please advise and I can offer a few other methods if needed. If you need further information or clarification, let me know and I can explain further, just let me know either way.

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